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Great list! (take that list haters!)


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Lack of LBP2 makes me say WTF?

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Lol. People are actually throwing a tantrum because their favorite game is not in this list. Grow up!

Majin-Tenshinhan said:

Nice to see some things never change. I can still maintain that IGN sucks.

Not defending IGN, but you have a Twilight sig and avatar. Your opinion on what sucks and what doesn't suck is invalid.

Both GT5 and Metroid are waaay low. Scriblenaughts was a critical dissapointment and I dont see why they hype the sequel. Fallout NV will be nowhere close to F3 when it comes down to quality IMO. There are some nice touches in there like Patapon 3, Limbo and Epic Mickey, byut thats all the good that this list has to offer...

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no little big planet 2 makes me a sad panda.  good list of games overall but some of them are just wtf to me.  DJ hero 2?!?  Really?  Dance Central?!? C'mon!   and what the hell is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  never even heard of that.

Come on! Dance Central, DJ Hero....No DK Country Returns!!!!!!!!!

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Boutros said:

Yeah well I think DKC and Vanquish are missing. Throw out Patapon 3 for all I care.

Yeah, they need Dkc on the list. I would rather them get rid of fifa 11 though.

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 How the hell do you not put LIttleBigPlanet 2 on that list :/.

 I was kind of shocked when I got to the top five expecting Vanquish, LBP2 and DKCR and they didn't come up 0_o.