Sonic Colors Pre-order bonus: Win or fail?

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quite possibly the best pre-order bonus ever!

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didn't like it very much.

still, it's free lol, I'd keep it :p (but never wear it)

I wish i could wear somthing like that to work or school. Its a total chick magnet.

As long as no one makes jokes about how "fast" i am.

I think it's a little bit of both actually, doesn't mean I don't want it. I would never wear it in public though.

I'm sure it will help their sales.

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Smeags said:

O-oh my...

I never* purchase games from GameStop, but I'll have to make an exception this time around. That's just... that's just too great to pass up.

*Except for Scribblenauts, that was also too awesome to pass up.

Seriously though, that's just too awesome. Need to take a breather...

Will your dog be wearing it soon*?

*Soon being December (I think)

It will help the sales... my little cousin loves sonic, and I think I'll preoder it just for giving him the hat.

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I think it's pretty awesome actually. It's MUCH better than that horrible bonus Super Street Fighter IV got.