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i wish there was a proper RE wii but i doubt it actually exists(or ever existed). would be cool though.

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DavidValbu said:

How is it posible that Capcom is deciding to do a new Resident Evil for Wii basing on Darkside Chronicles sales? They already did RE4 : Wii Edition and RE: Umbrella Chronicles as 'test' to ckeck the market and both sold quite good. The reazon Darkside Chronicles didn't sell that good is because 'the market' was expecting the next Resident Evil for Wii to be something BIG, and not just another 'test'.

I don't like playing tests anymore, nobody likes. I like megaton games like Monster Hunter Tri.

Stoping believe tests exist.  That is what you get, ports and rail shooters.


I think that  RE 3DS is much more likely to be the PSP RE that was announced at Sony's E3 2009 conference.  I was expecting that to be shown at the E3 just gone

unless its in the same style as RE4 Wii, i dont wanna play it. If its for 3DS, tahts a much different story

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I don´t think so, the funny part is that the 3DS RE has better graphics than what would be a Wii RE...getting the 3DS day 1...hopefully...

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DavidValbu said:

Ey guys, I remember some reporters last year saying they saw a Resident Evil game in develpment for the Wii, but it was shown privately. Then, some others also claim they saw it again this year at Capcom event, but it couldn't be shown ti public either.

We haven't had news from the new Resident Evil fro the Wii since then, but otherwise now we knoe Resident Evil Revelations is coming for the 3DS.

Do tou guys think that the Wii version was cancelled and then they took the code they had already implemented and programmed it for the 3DS ?

I think this is the psp game sony announced last year. They only showed a place holder art for it last year. Here we are a year later no news on it but a new re game on the 3ds and it has a trailer.

bah its not the PSP game imo, and its also not the Wii game, how could they port all that code in only 2 months?, ( as far as i know thats all devs has had with this system but im drunk and coulk be wrong??)00 .

i think capcom was planning this for a system but didnt yet deside and once they seen what the 3DS soulc do they said hells ya lets go with it :DD

Unless this game feels like a REAL Resident Evil title and not RE4 or RE5, I really don't care WHERE they launch it. The problem with that series is the it no longer resembles the original games. It's nothing but a joke imo.