How do I access the graphs again?

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I used to fool around with the graphs a lot before.. where are they? I can't find them..

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It has been removed.

It was replaced by a less useful feature in the game pages. Sales for the game every week since it was released were there.But now even that has been reduced to 20 weeks.

That sucks. I hope they are coming back better than ever or I will be most disapointed!

BOO! now's the time for a complete revolution! down with ioi! down with vgchartz!

i'm just kidding..

It does suck.  I used to look at it a lot myself.  A site that bears the name "VGChartz" should really consider keeping tools that help them look at the market from different angles.  It is odd that they decided to eliminate them entirely. 

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ioi has said that they will be coming back eventually.

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Vgchartz only does everything!

pfft thats why i liked this site..... it's an easy way to understand the data

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I could be coming back as a premium feature, as ioi has talked about adding a paid service to VGC

Thats the reason why i have stopped making prediction. Without all the graphs i dont even know whats going on half the time.


Example i could never tell you how much the PS3 sold even last week. Never mind last year

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