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Mafoo made me think of an interesting question since he's moving to NZ. Which country would you live in if you could not live in the country you are currently at? I am from the United States(state of Alabama) and I would move to Australia because the language would not be difficult, their economy is outstanding, and I went there a few years back and fell in love with community.

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Japan... but only if I was rich. Love those bizarre japanese things!

To me it's weirder than living in... mars or something.

Mexico. If I can I just eat taco's and relax in my hammock I would be happy. :)

don't waste time

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USA.....or Spain.  meh neither.

I would never leave England. I have visited USA and Spain on a number of occasions and like the countires however, I haven't seen any reason to move to Spain because the obvious language problem and the fact that the country is in massive debt and has no jobs. There is a large (million strong) British group in the South of Spain but even still with my Norther European skin I would sizzle in the 41 degree heat of the summers.

As for USA, most places the climate is too severe for me, I have been to New York, Nevada, California and Florida and the places in which seemed the nicest were way to expensive to live. Also law sucks in America with criminals and gangstas roaming the streets (okay thats not true but crime is higher than the UK) In addition, its a completely different lifestyle to the UK. You can't jsut walk into town and visit hundreds of shops within 10mins of your house. Due to the vastness of the areas you have to drive for 5 miles to reach anywhere. Also education is poor in America compared to England. Well, some areas anyway.


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New Zealand :p

japan...games, anime and sex....doesn't get better than that.

Canada,  its the second best country in the world.  I love it up there

TheRealMafoo said:

New Zealand :p

this thread is devoted to you! :)

I'd also move to Canada. I might end up there anyway. My girlfriend is Canadian.