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Seems MS is starting to burn those bridges



Microsoft's Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE Stephen Toulouse has hit out at the hardcore gamers who have raised concerns about Microsoft's upcoming motion control interface Kinect, saying that they have "kinda been wrong a lot for the past ten years". 

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I've always known I was wrong 

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First he is the Director of Enforcement on Live. he isn't "MICROSOFT". Second he is correct that hardcore gamers have been wrong a lot in the last 10 years.  Go back and read posts on many boards when the DS and Wii were announced. It's some funny reading.  Also he is right about the achievement thing. Take a look at the gamercard for people with high scores. You will see things like Avatar, etc on there.

Well to be fair, they kinda have. It's a tradegy Bioshock only sold 2.5 mill yet MW2 sells 11 mill xD


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alright, he's right but that doesnt mean kinect will be good. I mean I was wrong in thinkin that piece of shit of Ipad would be a failure but I still think its a piece of shit.

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about time someone tells these 'hardcore' gamers what for

I thought a lot of hardcore gamers were expecting Kinect to do really well. 360 hardcore gamers at least.... the ones i've seen...



Anyways, one thing that irked me was when he said: "oh, you'll play them, because they have achievements."


Really? That's why people want to play games? Because they have achievements? I guess nothing else matters..?

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So as i undeerstand it, here is microsoft way of thinking: because people don't like something they will buy it. Can't really say they're totally wrong(aka: see windows vista}