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^^^ Waaat? LOL. Thats just an avatar... maybe the people sensing trolling are avatards?


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Personnally it is the GIF restriction that I am most interested especially when the same person post numerous times becomes a right pain the nether regions. I would go further and reduce the size by half again but then I am more draconian.

Now wonders about his recent changes to his signature.

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I think it's even more important limiting the number of quote post chains. Sometimes there are 10s of posts in a quote chain, and it makes the thread unreadable.

There seems to be a problem with using CSS selectors that begin with -moz, as these always get stripped out of my lovingly-crafted Kororinpa sig, unless I submit changes with javascript turned off. Am I breaking some obscure rule I don't know about? If so, why is this rule biased against Firefox users?!? Damn webkit fanboys!

*stamps foot*


yes,we want an utopia on vgchartz,were everything is puppy dogs and cotton candy. lol

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@Kowen - Gone.

@NoCtiS_NoX - You have too many GIFs, which means that when combined it's way over the limit. You'll have to ditch some of the larger ones.

@Kynes - What Squilliam said.

Regarding the post chains - i'd prefer it if people just used common sense and broke the chain every now and then, rather than 'legislating' for it; I'll keep an open mind on it though. To be fair a lot of people do break the chains when they get too long.

welshbloke - Sig. looks fine to me, but then again I don't think I get it.

Gnac - No idea what you're talking about - the tech side of things isn't my area! But I do use FF ;)

NoCtiS_NoX said:

Is my sig safe? If not oh nooeezzz!!!! I love my sig.

As Machina said, you're way over, at about 8 MB total. Most of this is in the second row of pics, images 2 and 4. Those 2 alone will reduce you by about 6.5 MB, as both are too large alone. You'll need to remove one more of the bigger ones, too, sorry.


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just do what I do guys, make a sig advertising vgchartz, itll never be banned : p

Signature trolling is pretty funny. I'm against this new rule -_- Guess I'll stick to signature flaming then :D

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How would it apply to trolling usernames, though. I mean, we can't change those, right? The user would just have to be perma-banned...

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