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ok so lets get this all cleared up.  You are saying in 1993, military organizations around the world bought a shit ton of processors?

hopefully that is all cleared up and what you meant, but then next question again.  What does Militaries all buying intel chip in 1993 have to do with 3DTV's?  Did I miss the memo saying all militaries are planning on buying a shit ton of 3DTV's soon?

You've missed Grimes's retarded comparasin between 3D TV's and Ipad, which are as non related as those first Pentium processors back in 1993, i.e. it has nothing to do with the topic other that pointing out that you can't compare "apples" and oranges (see what I did there?)

The iPad and 3d tvs represent new products in the consumer electronics sector.

Military purchases of components is a separate category of goods. And even then you brought up fake statistics that you made up out of thin air.

I think the real point is you can't compare a device whos entry price is $500 (top end model being $830), to a technology that involves multiple device purchases and who's lowest entry price is in the thousands.  Plus, for iPad you are going to have the Apple supporters buy it no matter what.  To my knowledge there isn't a group of 3DTV "fanboys" out there that would purchase this, no matter the costs.  Most 3D supporters, like myself, are waiting for the tech to evolve a little more and for prices to drop before we take the plunge.

That is my point. You have to market and price new technology to succeed. It's better to start out with a bang than a whimper.

The iPad was launched to succeed. They could have tried to launch it two years ago but it would have been too expensive, lacking content and clunky. MS on the other hand has been working on a tablet computer for probably decades. But their success has been terrible because they don't know how to develop, market and price appropriately.

Being first isn't always best. The iPod wasn't the first digital music player. Apple didn't have the brand name in consumer electronics at the time either. It succeeded because they developed, marketed and priced it to succeed.

A company like Apple could wait for Sony and whoever else to be the first on the block, then BAM they jump in and take the market in a couple years.

I see the 3d tv market in similar situation. Companies could be working on 3d technology for years. But all their work could go nowhere until they figure out how to bring the product to the mainstream.

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Given most new flat panel tv models are including 3D now, I expect the numbers to go up pretty quickly once these new models flow down the chain and become the entry level systems.

I think you will be surprised ...

I suspect that even as 3DTVs come down in price there will still be a premium associated with the 3DTV itself so people will be able to buy a larger HDTV for a similar price; and many people will see the price of the glasses and be turned off of the 3DTV on principle. Even if you're talking about glasses that only cost $50 and TVs which come with 4 pairs, many/most people would be forced to consider situations where they will have friends/family over to watch something (like sporting events) and see the cost of additional glasses as being a fairly major negative against these TVs.

I dunno about that, the 3D versions of flat panel tvs released now are substantially cheaper than the same sized 2D versions on sale only 12 months ago. I purchased a Samsung 55" Series 8 LED backlit LCD about 10 months ago and the equivalent 3D version now is about 2/3 of the price I paid.

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Too much analysis...going 3D in the mind of the mainstream is like going from 720p to 1080p.  Its just a "higher resolution" screen.  So in a couple of years 3D will be a standard feature.  Thus no need for companies to go crazy about adoption rates and stuff.

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Grimes said:

To compare with another new technology, the iPad sold triple that amount in dollars first day.

So you can't really blame it on being new and expensive. People just aren't that interested.

The IPAD isn't new. IT's an IPHONE ON STEROIDS.