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well, where to start?

We have had countless threads lately about sony "scraping" the psp2, and psp1 being "dreamcasted" and that sony should just leave the handheld market after the 3DS announcement.

On the other hand, not many threads on how sony is gonna keep the psp going. Therefor , I am posting this theard.

Please post how you think sony should react.

me? I don't know but probably modifying the psp a little bit by adding a 3D functionality -I know copying, sue them lol- so new games can benifit from it and by a small hardware update so older games won't have compatibilty issues or keeping it as it is since the psp hardware was never a problem anyway.

Post your thoughts! and keep in mind that we have no idea about the 3DS price yet..... or do we?

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A PSP2 with 2 analog sticks, 3 screens, and naked eye 4D = PSP is saved.

PSP go should come with ten free games! That will save it!


Oh, wait...

The psp is already half past dead. It's to little to late. lol

badgenome said:

A PSP2 with 2 analog sticks, 3 screens, and naked eye 4D = PSP is saved.

keep the creativity coming

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Instead of PSP2, Sony should go all nintendo and release the next PSP as PSPii.

That will save it! This time I'm certain, it worked so well before!

Make the psp2 strong enough to be able to emulate all 3ds games

To save PSP UMD games, how bout a UMD drive to plug into the PS3 to play on TV. 

To save PSP itself, just release alot of good titles.  There's only a handful that i bought compared to my PS3 collection which i started way later. 

And how bout keeping these PSP game promises? Where's my Resident Evil PSP? 

How bout advertising it that actually gives people an idea how they want to have one instead of bashing the competitors. (refering to that new PSP kid bashing that iphone game)

If kids see a commercial of like a group of kids all syncing up playing an awesome PSP game together that'd get alot more attention.  As well, show lots of girls (of all ages) using it as an mp3 player, video player, chatting on it etc...cause where girls go, guys will follow =P

Maybe mixing PSP and PSP Go, making just one with new stuff. Something like this:

Use the PSP Go model, but with the regular screen size and UMD (dunno why, but people keep saying this is the major flaw os PSP Go) and having at least 16gb of internal memory flash. Plus, improve the screen by using LED screen, make a built-in camera (two cameras?) so everyone can play Invizimals and EyePet PSP, revamp the OS (Android?) to feature regular skype and lot of new things, add friends list, voice/video/text chat, Google Chrome and/or Firefox support, add touchscreen (maybe not for games, just for the OS and navigation), 3G and better wi-fi, maybe a little faster CPU and more RAM memory, again just for the OS and it's applications.  Also, cut the price to US$149,00 and make 5 different colors avaible day one, that being black, white, blue, pink and red.


This way it wouldn't change the core PSP so all games would be compatible with all PSP models, but it would greatly improve - imo - the PSP towards a more easy and social machine.


There you have it lol 

finish piracy = psp saved


or not :P