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dude, are u serious?

Ninty kicked sony ass like never before

and the DS destroyed the PSP in sales, almost tripled it in sales numbers, how can u say the big N is worried?

and about saying kirby doesnt looks good shows u werent a gamer in the 90s and dont unerstand what kirby is about. kIRBY GAMES are always innovative and i can see u cant see that

gosh ppl just need to face Nintendo won this E3 and accept it no matter which console u support

Sony and MS conference were both boring (MS the worst) and most of the stuff  they showed was already leaked

Nintendo was the only one that showed new stuff, just face it

Just my two cents

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HAHA, the Kirby game would be a $15 game on the 360 or PS3!!! This man knows that Nintendo is ripping people off. I am not meaning to troll, but anyone who owns the PS3 or 360 knows it would only be an arcade or playstation store game.

If parody...

Rol... you must have been apprenticed to this guy... cause... man this seems like a class above anything I've ever seen.  Or are you one and the same?!?!?! haha...

If he actually means what he wrote... O...... M...... G..... ?!?!?!

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Today's News: Wii is doomed!

Also, anyone who thinks this guy is for real needs to get a clue. He is obviosly a viral marketer trying to bash Nintendo. They do this since the NES, and will keeps doing it forever.


Edit: Only now I noticed tyhe blogger is a Viewtifull Mind. Dang, they tricked me again in thinking their parodies are for real. I shall get my revenge.

Above: still the best game of the year.

Lol. We shall see if the wii is done . I would bet all my money they are not though.

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I haven't checked out that blog in a while. It's pretty good.

And it's totally Roling this thread.

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I think the guy who writes that blog is a VGC member. He's just trolling you for the lulz.

A ViewtifulMind is my favorite blog.

This guy is much more interesting than Malstrom.

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Fumanchu said:
O-D-C said:

was this writer even at E3? Nintendo had swagger, the lines for Zelda and 3DS were hours long, Kirby had a 40 minute wait too. I kinda felt bad for Sony who was right beside the Nintendo booth and had to ask random people to come play Move game and they were look nah Im going to go see this (Nintendo). Nintendo won E3 hands on, other companies were asking me what i thought of Zelda or the 3DS , Nintendo's got its swagger back and won E3 and if anyone tells u otherwise their wrong.

Do you not see that the people impressed with Nintendo are the video game journalists and those that frequent video game forums i.e. the minority? Will the Wii appear on Good Morning America as a result of their conference?

No, it will be all about the 3DS, while MS and SONY are busy trying to recreate their image with what they currently have, Nintendo is already at the next step, While MS and SONY are a few step ahead in hardware power on their consoles, they are both a few step behind with what Nintendo is doing atm.

I like the argument that the people at the e3 are just fans and journalists, so let's not base anything on the buzz they have.

And what have we here?



Ah yes, another year from recent history when people ignored Sony and Microsoft. People dismissed this buzz, too.

Good luck with the fantasy that suddenly the Wii is over, and that Zelda is somehow the last hurrah. Hilarious! Bravo! I want your meds.




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