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Killzone 3 JUNGLE LEVEL! Just wait and watch for that in the future.

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Crysis 2 looks impressive but my experience tells me to lower my expectations. Since its running on consoles and almost every screenshot out there is tuned. Same goes for videos even if they run on a console it can still be that the circumstances are different then in the final game. Its premature to hype up game graphic again too early. Its always the same it seems. Crysis 2 looks promising nothing more. How the final product will look like on PS3 or Xbox is impossible to predict yet. Also the stereoscopic 3D in Crysis 2 makes me wonder how they are going to do it.

Also it would be the first Multiplat game which looks better then exclusive games this gen all that with stereoscopic 3D ?

I dont doubt it will be the best looking game together with Rage. But will it be the best looking console game ? Crytek showed that they can create high end engines but almost without any hardware limitations. Cryengine 3 will prove if they are really that good. Before someone declares the new graphics king I would recommend to wait for a demo. Internet pictures and Videos are not enough.

I still cant imagine that all this will be in stereoscopic 3D.

boilermaker11 said:
Dallinor said:
selnor said:
leo-j said:

everything they have shown was from the 360 version of CRYSIS 2

also look at RAGE on 360.. that is high up there in graphics.. like almost Uncharted 2 high up there


What? Stop with the PS3 Exclusive tone. Thats so last year. 

Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Rage all beat Uncharted 2 easily. 

Come to think of it now games are all looking so good it's stupid to call anything better than anything else.

Vanquish, Rage, Bulletstorm, KZ3, Gears 3, Crysis 2, Reach, Enslaved to name a few are all amazing beyond anything out now in game engine. Some of these games are throwing around huge scale and masses of onscreen action with loads of particles and effects. 

It's pointless to say anything is better than anything else. Crysis 2 sits atop. But there is nothing between the rest. They all beat existing games IMO. 

This notion of PS3 can only do it. Has been compleely nullified by 5 multiplat games and 2 exclusive 360 games showing it plays in exactly the same ballpark as PS3. If anything this E3 showed that significantly. 

You can add Brink to those games to. 6 multiplats. 

And we are yet to see another definate contender Cryteks Kingdoms.

You should have just bought a PS3, or stuck to the PC, then you wouldn't need to keep championing the 360 in an area it's been the underdog for most of this gen selnor.

Bulletstorm has better graphics then Uncharted 2? Do you actually even believe that? From what I've seen the game would have to undergo a massive graphics overhaul before launch to even be in the same league as Uncharted 2. The same goes for Vanquish and Enslaved, while beautiful (not so sure about that in the case of Vanquish) they're not graphics king contenders by any means.

I've said it before in the past: Selnor just wants some game, ANY game that's on the 360 to look better than top PS3 exclusives. He used to say Lost Planet 2 was "graphics king"....

And what's worse is that "This notion that 'PS3 can only do it' has been nullified by 5 multiplats"...is based on complete bullshots. Otherwise, GT5 completely murks everything known to man =/. You think those shots of Vanquish are in game? Gears 3 is on the Unreal Engine...while good looking, time and time again it's shown that's its outdated. And I saw that in game render of Crysis 2 in 'The Wall' trailer in 1080p. Looked no better than an Unreal game. 

Stop. Your looking desperate. PS3 exclusives this E3 were not graphically above other games. 

PS3 fans are looking desperate. I am basing what I said off of more than 40 minutes of combined footage. 

Skeeuk said:
selnor said:
leatherhat said:
leo-j said:

it isn't tiny selnor.. stop trying to make KZ3 look bad

I'm gonna have to recommend not arguing with selnor. Its pointless.

I'm not arguing. I'm saying in comparison, the play areas and enemy count is significantly less. It's right there on the screen. 

there was only the oil rig scene shown the reason why it was enclosed is because thats how that scene is played out.

you have to wait till full game to see which has better grafix, KZ3 beats crysis 2 for now and will do upon releases of both games.

Cmon. it's not technically on the same level.

Looking at Crysis 2 (at least the console footage) it's not impressing me quite like the original did, in fact, not even close. That said, it DOES look good, nothing short of it.

To the Rage vs KZ3/Crysis 2 talk, I still think Killzone 3 may have the edge when all is said and done. From what I've seen of all of them, I think KZ3 still edges out the win, but Rage looks fantastic and Crysis 2 is right behind it. Rage will likely top them both with textures, Crysis 2 will probably top the others with colors, but Killzone 3 will have the overall prowess to pull off the win, I think. Of course it's exclusivity will play a major role, but it is what it is.


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Killzone 3: This may very well be the best looking game ever -- and it's even better in 3D.



Nothing come close to KZ3.

But I though Alan Wake was to be the new graphics king after uncharted 2.

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Rage with pre backed lighting fall short off Killzone 3.

This is when it really hurts to not have a graphics card (its broken and I am getting a new PC soon) so I can't play full screen video, so just stick some on the store Sony and M$!

Well, Killzone 2 is quite better than Crysis, so I'm fairly sure that Killzone 3 will look better than Crysis 2. However I find really, really, really pointless to talk about the graphics of games that are not out yet. I'm looking forward for Rage and GT5.