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Downloaded the trailer on the ps3 in HD and it really hit me how different he is. I really want to know why sucker punch made such a change but the combat looks so awesome.

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Old Cole > New Cole ANY DAY.

Still don't know why the opted for this X-Games/Frat-boy/Dawson's Creek Reject.

And Cole's voice was perfect in the first game...

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I thought the previous Cole was a bit lifeless and boring...Zeke was a better character.

If the new Cole changes, that...I'm all for it.

though I still prefer the first cole, I don't mind this one, the trailer they showed at E3 was pretty cool (IMO)

I have no problem with it, I care about game play much more.

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I definitely agree with the frat boy comments.  I mean is Cole's appearance why Sucker Punch thinks Infamous didn't sell boat loads?  And if that is what they think, how do they "fix" it?    By making Cole more generic and making him sound like a guy trying too hard to have a raspy voice, as opposed to the original voice actor who made it sound natural and badass.

I have to agree to some extent.  I don't understand the reason that led Sucker Punch to change Cole like this. 

The actor playing Cole in the first game was perfect, and so was the look and attitude of the character.


I suspect there is something we don't know...


It's like if they replaced Daniel Radcliffe between the fourth and fifth Harry Potter movie or that douche playing the main Vampire in Twilight between the first and second movie...

It just can't reverberate well with the fans.

And they're absolute moronic 'tards if they didn't expect the kind of response this Cole is getting right now.

Of course, the first game was really good, even with its repetitiveness, and the second game looks even better, so maybe it won't matter that much in the end... Still, I don't understand the reasoning behind the change.

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IDK, the old Cole was OK. But that was all he'll ever be, generic, and OK.

I'm not saying new Cole and inFamous 2's story are going to be absolutely compelling. They coudl fucking pull off a Prince of Persia: Warrior Within type thing. But, then again, if they want to go all or nothing, better take the fucking risk.

I preferred the old Cole look he much more grimy, but I can understand why they changed him, although I think they could've kept the same face and just have added more life to it.

btw  if you're in the UK inFamous only costs £15/$22 new on the platinum range