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1, Kid Icarus Uprising

2, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

3, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

4, Epic Mickey

5, Goldeneye

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1. Dead Space 2 ( Hard to pick any other game. Nothing looked as epic and fun in my eyes)

2. Metal Gear Solid Rising

3. Epic Mickey

4. Kinetic Fitness Game (Not sure what it's called)

5. Assassins Creed Brotherhood ( Multiplayer vid made me interested in it)


First impressions based on the conferences the last couple of days. It's still to early to tell though.

1. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY Returns (Wii) -

- Well its my dream since so many years to see this franchise come back, I NEVER really thought it would happen but it finally has and the trailer was mind blowing, amazing visuals, great effects (canons), the train cart level making a comeback, seriously what else could I want out of it?

2. Epic Mickey (Wii) -

- Very very very very impressed. Looks like it will have depth, a variety of gameplay types (2D world movement), nostalgia, RPG elements, innovative gameplay. Wow what else could you want? This is the first time 2 wii games have topped my list for anything this generation. But Epic Mickey is a compelling title.

3. Kid Icarus (DS) -

- If "epic" had a definition, this has to be it. Flying through places trying to kill baddies, storming castles in lands far away, having the aid of some greek goddess, a compelling narrative (from the looks of it), oh and all of it in 3D. 

4. Sorcery (PS3) - 

- When the demo started I said "damn it here we go SONY's casual milking"....but I was wrong.. What I got was a game that looked very precise, fun to play with cool effects. And I LOVED the colour of the bulb changing and the guy drinking potion. Even if the actual game doesn't turn out to be amazing it sets a base for future move games and shows me devs can innovate to make amazing games on it. If I was SONY I'd pump more cash into sorcery and try to make it a new killer app IP.

5. Twisted Metal (PS3) -

- Collapsable buildings, helicopters with magnets for cars, cars travelling fast, explosions, fun...nuff said


Overall thanks to nintendo not a disappointing E3.

Now if I had even 10 seconds of a certain games footage with the main characters zippers or shoe's shown that would have been in the top 5 . But it was not to be

MGS Rising gets a honourable mention.

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey


- Seriously I waited over a decade over this. Also DK and Diddy as main, with retro making it.

Kirby Epic Yarn (Wii)

- Kirby is back, and better than ever, god I love my 2d platformers.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

- Even if they demo shown screwed up. I still have high hopes for it. 

Infamous 2 (PS3)

- Infamous with ice, enough said am I right? (How does one charge, his coldness)

Kid Icarus (3DS)

- It sold me on the 3DS, I silly can't wait to get my hands on within one year hopefully. 


twas a great E3 that targetted a lot of people's interests. However, the only games I was ever interested never showed up  D:

Since there was no Demon's Souls 2, Guardian or Agent My list will be:


I'll finish my list after I rewatch E3

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Zelda-didn't  see the live demo but the trailer looks good

epic mickey -looks wicked!

Kid icarus- damn damn damn!

marvel vs capcom 3- nothin to be said really

parasite eve 3rd birthday- first psp game in a long time that has me really interested

honorable mentions are kirby, donkey kong country, and twisted metal

Doobie_wop said:

I honestly think Sorcery should get a mention, it was the most impressive motion controlled offering at E3 in my opinion and it worked really well. If the game get's a little more time, it could be something to surprise us all later on.

first of all this is list your own list, not trying to judge overall for all of us which 5 is best.

second, most impressive motion controlled?  really?  Sure zelda failed on stage but i hear it works perfect from all testers and I find the whole 1:1 swinging to hit at the correct angle more impressive than the flick the wand in general direction of enemy and it seems to hit them every time.  sure the whole wand following him at beginning of intro was neat, but what did it do?

But anyway my list

1. Just going to have to put 3DS (want to put so many games here on it, and Kid Icarus looked sweet, and who can deny OoT, or Starfox, or RE or ect, so just putting console down)

2. Metroid Other M

3. That Kinect Dance game from MTV

4. Another Lump, Nintendo's old school bring backs from Kirby to Dokey Kong

5. Epic Mockey i tink

I would have never thought in my life that if Zelda shown at E3 it wouldn't be in my top 5.  I think it would be if not for 2011, thus metroid is up there, otherwise i think they woudl be lumped for me. 

edit: wow continued reading and can't believe i forgot golden eye

hatmoza said:

twas a great E3 that targetted a lot of people's interests. However, the only games I was ever interested never showed up  D:

Since there was no Demon's Souls 2, Guardian or Agent My list will be:


I'll finish my list after I rewatch E3

I'm expecting sony to roll out those games at gamescom

For me:

1: Can I say 3DS in general?  Movies, Pictures, thats pretty cool... if it needs to be software then Kid Icarus.

2. GT5, beautiful game.

3. DKC Returns, damn that Gorilla looks good.

4. That dancing game of Kinect, cant believe I'm saying this, but that looked like fun, the good old days when I used to do dancing routines.. haha

5. Zelda, well its Zelda, even with the glitches, you know the finished product is gonna rock, hence the release date.

Special Mentions to Kirby, Sorcery, LBP2, Metroid Other M, Epic Mickey, and a host of new 3DS software that was shown (trailers/demoes).

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In no particular order:

1. Halo: Reach

2. Golden Sun

3. Zelda

4. Gears 3

5. MGS Rising

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