Do you want a 3DS now?

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Do you want a 3DS now?

No, I don't care about handhelds. 7 2.71%
No, I've got other devic... 14 5.43%
Yes, Nintendo did an awes... 132 51.16%
Yes, I'm a gadget freak,... 5 1.94%
Yes, Nintendo is my daddy, so I must buy it. 44 17.05%
Yes, because the 3DS will... 56 21.71%

I am buying one, definately

it caught my attention instantly

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Nope.  Not yet anyway. I'm sure much like the DS towards the end of it's lifespan their may be sufficient interesting software for me to finally pick through.  Nintendo's  E3 announcements didn't really set me on fire, Nor did 3rd parties for that matter.

With the games that got announced, I will get one at launch. Also because my fat DS is on its last legs and I need to buy a new one anyway, backwards compatibility is great. And of course because I am biased as well.

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So, the top screen is noticable wider than before. Iwata talked about movies on the 3DS. Is the new screen resolution 16:9, ideal for movies? It looks 16:9, but I'm not 100% sure.

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This morning I had no interest in 3D gaming.  I heard the 3DS was cool but didn't care and I have no interest in 3D at home if it involves the glasses.

Tonight, I'm buying a 3DS day one and I'm still underwhelmed by 3D with glasses.

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OMG look at the poll, lol, this is going to sell like sex-crack.

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The only cool thing about the 3ds is the ability to take 3d pictures of boobs.


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I think I might actually camp out for this. Nintendo has made good stuff in the past, but Iwata is the smartest man in the game industry bar none. Even Will Wright isn't that smart. Even without the 3D (which will be epic in Pilot Wings and Kid Icarus, not to mention Star Fox) the game line up is spectacular.

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I'm hyped for it. It's the most popular thing at E3 and I want it.

Just want to play good games