How Much Do You Think The New 360 S Will Sell 1st Month?

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nightsurge said:

A shitload.  Already sold out all the preorders...

no it won't

at first the preorders will be sold out but it won't maintain unless they do a price cut

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nightsurge said:
StokedUp said:

the thing is most of these are going to be existing xbox360 owners, so although it might look good in hardware sales its all going to be irrelevent as i dont think many will be new customers therefore decreasing the attach ratio for software to hardware

Most of us upgrading will be selling our old systems.  These used systems go to new 360 customers.  Attach ratio will not be affected negatively very much if at all.

also the old systems got a price got down to $150 $250 $300 those will sell like hot cakes duing this time during the time ps3 slim launched the 80gb and 160gb fats went down only to $300 $349


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of the extra features you mentioned the onlything interestiong for most new buyers is the wireless, and for most people it won't matter if its n or aan older g wlan since they don't have internet connections fast enough that this makes a difference.

ps3 slim also mainly boosted sales cause it pushed the ps3 price into a lower price region which opened up new customers. for the new xbox thats not the case so i don't think it will do much after an intial bum from those peopels taht want to replace tehir old 360.

Small increase on normal numbers,


2 million LOL.

I like how there's some 360 fanboy posting about how much better the new 360 is than the slim because its not


Ok now it has built in wifi, something ps3 has had from the beginning. It has 250 gb harddrive, something slim already has and they will announce 250 gb to be the 299 model for slim as well today at sony's press conference. i'll bet money


Can xbox play bluray? no. 3D is in an evolution on the bluray platform therefore it will be a very big dissadvantage for xbox to be stuck in dvd.


basically the idea of the new xbox is to simplify everything. They have so many models of the xbox its confusing to the consumer so they just want to have one line of xboxs for now. it'll make everything more simple. Its good that Kinect and the new xbox look a lot alike because that'll be an interest for the consumer come this holiday

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It all depends on how many systems MS supplies.  They will probably hold back to sell out of the older 360 stock.  Total 360 sales (older units - 50 (plus) slims) will sell around PS3 slim number (older ps3s with pricedrop (plus) slims at  -$100)

It also depends on what Sony does.  If they have a price drop at their show, there is a good chance momentum will stay put (not saying there will not be any increase, but not as great as it should have been)

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We will find out in a little over a week to see how it sells in the first few days on sale in the U.S. With the old model getting a $50 price drop to $149 and $249 that will also increase sales even more. I see sales doubling for the first week or 2. As the supply of the older models dry up sales will decrease but will stay up around 20 - 30% over last year. Then when Kinect releases sales will be twice as much in November and December compared to last year.

This is all speculation since we don't know the price of kinect or if a game will be bundled with it. Plus will MS drop the price of the new model when Kinect is released or bundle it with Kinect for just $299 or will it be more expensive?

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I don't know how many it will sell, especially during the non-holiday period.  Of course, they could be banking on kids being out of school and parents needing something to occupy their time.  Anyways, I think they are gearing up for the holiday release of Kinect and hoping for a heathly boast in sells during that period.  

So my prediction, and I'm not good at this, is 650,000 first month. 

one of the reasons the ps3 slim sold a crap ton was because

Nobody was gonng buy it for 400 bucks or more but 300$ is a resonable price not because of the new look...thats retarded

700 000