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lot of vents even right above the cpu and gpu


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Microsoft is now using the glossy finish which means a lot of fingerprints. But damn the new xbox does look slick.

I am a PS3 guy but I'm glad to see that they are doing something smart by putting the vent over the CPU and GPU. The system looks pretty good, they could have done a lot worse!

Sleak as Hell, gives the Original PS3 a Run for its money. 

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Looks nice. I'm in. I will be buying a 2nd 360 for this.

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Looks  great, good for ms to release this.




I'll have one for sure !!


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Looks good,  I already own 2 360's so I guess I will pass.  Too bad they couldn't have had this last christmas when I bought my wife her 360...

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I think the new design is sexy as hell...and I love how its shipping today!

Wonder how big of a boost this redesign and general E3 news will give the 360?  I say 20-40% hardware boost myself.

looks really good but for me they needed to redesign the controller instead

cuz thats the only thing that keeps from playin the 360

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