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dahuman said:

so yeah Nintendo kicked ass this year and the other 2 blew nuts, that pretty much sums it up for me personally.

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WHy are the repeating games.


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Onyxmeth said:
saicho said:
Onyxmeth said:

I've been out of the loop. Why is him announcing Portal 2 for the PS3 a big deal? The first one was on PS3 too.

first one was a port by EA, and not made by Valve directly.

So that's why people in this thread were going through a typing spasm, because this time it's not a port?

basically and that Gabe Newell was pretty vocal about how Valve wouldn't support PS3 previously.

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GT5 is sooo 2007

If the end is the release date of GT5 that is a bigtime epic fail since they have done that twice before and they delayed it!

I am pumped for the game though!

haxxiy said:
Barozi said:
Tanstalas said:

I shit my pants when Gabe came out, then shit my pants even more when he said Portal 2 was going to look the best on PS3

he didn't say that.

It has some kind of Steam integration

Yes he did say it.

nah he said the best version on consoles due to Steam Cloud support.

Cool GT5 has the top gear test track.

This like the 4th E3 they show clips from GT5?, atleast it gets better looking each time.

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