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I think some people here need to remember that they were little gamers too once. My 4yr old nephew will love that. Just because i won't use it doesn't make it crap.

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VivaLaWiida said:

EyePet ripoff.

LMAO!!! yeah ok.

I'm not really here!

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The_God_of_War said:


This conference has gone from awesome to dire. This is probably it for new games, the slim wil close the show.

I would guess we will get one more towards the end

KylieDog said:
leo-j said:

you guys its impressive..


you can't say its not, they are epanding on XBOX LIVE, and pushing it further and futher.. sony has ALOT TO DO to get even close to XBOX LIVE now..

Like what?  PS3 already does video chat.

I m guessing leo-j has been trapped by some MS vaporwave ...

Time to Work !

Stats87 said:

wtf was the girl doing?

he wasn't actually licking you.

lol that part was so awkward.

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wii sports time

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DAM I just started watching, what did I miss? How long its been on already?!


All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Oh shit! World Class Track Meet for Kinect!

leo-j said:

wow so eye pet was never announced? "play with your pets in a way you could never do before" ok then what did eye pet do..

Well then you weren't playing with your pet, you were playing with an Eye Pet...