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God, this sucks.

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ESPN boring please show me some good Kinect games

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leatherhat said:

This is the most boring conference Ive ever watched. Where are the games MS? You said there would be games!

That's because they are taking a page out of Nintendo books. Attempt to appeal to the non gamers first. I'm sure MS will focus a portion to games though.

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The video chat segment almost put me to sleep...this ESPN sports center segment should finish me off -_-

i'll get a coffee while they talk about netball and rounders....

I'm not really here!

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Well DUH they are keeping MEGATON games till the end people...of course it will start slow. I guess we are halfway through the conference now though.

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darthdevidem01 said:
NJ5 said:

Why do they start with the non-gaming stuff?

So far it's nothing new with Kinect anyway... My first sound card had speech recognition, and video conferencing? Come on MS.

But you couldn't watch a video with someone else through that and it didn't move as you moved.

Come on that was impressive.

You could send a link to whatever you're watching to the other person... bam, you're watching a video with someone else while doing video conferecing.

But frankly, I've seen lots of companies with video conferencing products (mobile phones, PC software...) and very few people actually care. Sorry to sound negative but that's just a fact.

If they show a single good Kinect game I'll be happy.

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Ok, that replay feature would be awesome.

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Why are they showing us this...ugh

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in other news im having a hard time staying awake.