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Editing this now.

It does look like it has lost its sense of humor but it does still look like it might be fun to play. It's too soon to really give an opinion considering they'll probably talk about it at e3 and explain some changes. We'll figure out whether it's going to end up being a Spyborgs revamp (where it absolutely sucks) or a Resistance revamp (where it makes the game look better in the long run).

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Dgc1808 said:

Feels... interesting. This is the first time my interest in a game completely died due to 1 trailer. Was about to come back and say perhaps a should wait to see more but after just seeing the Devil's Third trailer... my interest in this game is EXTREMELY slim.

I agree

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its PvP matches guys.

Player VS Player quick matches , the game is still Spy faction vs Spy Faction.

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