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Crazymann said:

Well, it's good to see some more "kiddy" games on the PS3.

? :S I have no idea what that even means....

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I'm just posting because I saw the nice thread title:

I won't buy this game. I bought Planet Minigolf instead last week, next PSN purchase will be DeathSpank.

Sorry, I chose Fat Princess over this. You can't beat a game about stuffing princesses and killing everything in sight. It looks alot like Trials though, which I got pretty pissed at later in the game.

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Well, the quotes mean that I don't actually see it as a "kiddy" game*, but many would - given its more than passing resemblence to Excitebike.  The main statement suggests that any broadening of the PS3 gaming library is fine by me.

In the end, it is good that the game is doing well.  It's not my type of game, but I wish the developers all the best.

*  "kiddy" is a term that gets thrown around way too much.  While I would agree that Hannah Montana and Babiez are "kiddy" games, Sonic is not, nor is Little Big Planet nor is MOST of Nintendo's output across its history.

YAY ! Hello games got what they deserve....I hope for another game by them !

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I would if the price dropped from 15 bucks. I have a certain game I need  to finish. ( I just got paper mario ttyd)

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GodOfWar_3ever said:

YAY ! Hello games got what they deserve....I hope for another game by them !

i heard they thinking about expanding to 8 people! think about it! TWICE the awesomeness

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