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Its a game made by 4 people and is awesomesauce looking, backed by a 9.5 from IGN. I hope you guys support these indie devs...and the game being great helps too I guess...

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I'm having my eye on this since i saw the first video.


And i think you are right, people should support small developers, especially when they do a great job like this!

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*Watches Trailer*... *Checks PSN wallet*... *Check's bank statement*... *Leaves thread*...

4 ≈ One

saving $9.99 for this piece of art.

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Dgc1808 said:

*Watches Trailer*... *Checks PSN wallet*... *Check's bank statement*... *Leaves thread*...

Well what is it?!? Did you leave the thread in shame due to insufficient PSN funds or you left the thread busy playing Joe Danger now!!!

BTW, to the American PS3 users, does this game have demo up on PSN?

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i am so getting it.

I guess I'm leaving ...

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The game looks great but I think I'm gonna wait for it's price to be dropped and save my money for the awesome things coming later this year.

Def on my radar, most probably down the line in summer

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Kinda wish they had a demo, I really don't care for excitebike, and I don't trust Hatfield's reviews.... well trust his less than I trust a lot of other reviewers which isn't much especially now that Matt and Mark are gone, those guys had similar tastes as me and it seems like other reviewers just dont... before I get off on a tangent, yeah, give me a demo please I want to know what to expect lol

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