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Thoughts about the new vgchartz

I really like it 14 7.14%
I like some things and do... 38 19.39%
I really don't like it 144 73.47%
I don't care 0 0.00%
tsupra0927 said:
Bladeneo said:

They really need to make the sales more colourful; with 2.0, each console had its own colour and the game titles and whatnot corresponded to that. Now its just grey and dull. 


Yes, thats the first thing i noticed too, the front page is too much white/grey while the older vgchartz was darkers but had seperate colors for forum posts and links.

At least the new vgchartz runs smoother, something the one one didnt have. But its all squeezed together to make 4 websites, just too bland for the avg user to recognize.

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 it's confusing to navigate.

it was so simple before.

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I was going to say the same.  

I freaked out when i saw this like this today..

I need a somebody to give me a tour for me to get around here..  I'm lost

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I like it but i needs to be streamlined. Also the background is to cluttered at the top and abruptly changes to bare. My last constructive criticism is  the gamrconnect entries are annoying beacuse the pictures are to big and the test over laps them. This is how i think it should be     otherwise i like the ideas and the cons will be fixed with VGCharts 3.1 and beyond