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Thoughts about the new vgchartz

I really like it 14 7.14%
I like some things and do... 38 19.39%
I really don't like it 144 73.47%
I don't care 0 0.00%

Way, way, way too much empty space. The other format was much more compact. Also the contrast is a bit poor which makes text harder to read.

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I really, really, do not like the changes that have been made.  The whole thing is grey, dull, bland and uninviting!  Change is good if it improves on what has gone before. To me, this is a very big backward step.

Just like IGN I go there alot less now that they have changed it. Its simple you need to change to stay relevent, but like Yahoo maybe you shouldn't change too much! I hope this isnt' the end for me on this site.

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I like the total YTD for the systems but the forum is very confusing to me currently and i am also not getting any pictures to pop up in threads.

I guess the new colour scheme is to attract more 360 fans


Overall the new chartz looks fine, but I miss the recent thread activity on the side, and the differently coloured hot topics.

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I feel like I've woken up in an alternate universe and I have no idea where I am.

What happened to the forums?  What happened to the chartz?

nicnaclX said:

I'm not happy with the new layout.  It's not as easily usable as 2.0 and usibility is far more important that aesthetics in interface design...

As a designer, I completely agree with this. You just don't sacrifice usability. Things need to be accessible with as few clicks as possible. Breaking the site into 4 separate sections is terrible design.

2.0 was great for casually visiting and getting everything you need quickly. This is burdensome. There needs to be a way to give people access to everything they want on one page. Maybe make it customizable for people with accounts, giving them the option to add what types of information they want displayed when they first visit the site.

I'll give it some time to adjust, but so far I really don't like it.

Bladeneo said:

They really need to make the sales more colourful; with 2.0, each console had its own colour and the game titles and whatnot corresponded to that. Now its just grey and dull. 


i dont like it at all. well, the rating system is cool, but everything else isnt that great. ex: it is way to hard to find threads now. not to mention all the white and green >.>...this whole "4 websites in one!" thing just isnt working for me.

i suppose i could get used to it, i did last time, but last time it wasnt so freaking confusing to navigate. it would be cool if you would label; the threads more and give them the colored titles again. that would make it a bit easier.


I don't like it at all.

it takes too long to get to forums post you are monitoring and lets face it forums was the main thing that kept us coming back.

The way the new vgchartz main page is set up , that page will change 2-3 times a week so there is no reason to visit the site more often ( check the page if you don't believe me, last updated Friday 28th..). Aside from the weekly number, the main vgchartz page is really kinda dead now...


Key to useability is how many clicks it takes to get to the information , in some cases it is way too many now...

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