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Thoughts about the new vgchartz

I really like it 14 7.14%
I like some things and do... 38 19.39%
I really don't like it 144 73.47%
I don't care 0 0.00%

I like to rate games and the points system. Everything else could see improvements but I believe those will come if Brett and the others follow everyone's suggestions.






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I like it. i think one of the biggest reasons why commenting on sales figures and games etc has dissapeared is because ioi wants a more professional layout, and especially in the sales sections, not anyone arguing over figures. In that respect it has succeeded. I like the other new features aswell such as points and stuff. BTW can anyone answer the question of what the points are for? ioi said they are for prizes, but i want to know what these prizes are!

It... feels weird... and I've known about it for a while now, but never bothered to check how it was gonna be. 


Everything looks sharp

You can rate games

Point system ain't bad

- I prefer the old main page for hot topics, it was way easier to look for threds

- Posts aren't aligned, it just annoys me. Sigs seems to be the problem. 

- It's too white. 

 Tag (Courtesy of Fkusumot) "If I'm posting in this thread then it's probally a spam thread."                               

For someone like me, who comes here to check news, sales, and maybe browse a few topics for a short time, this new layout sucks. The colors are bland and I've got to go to a whole other "site" for news which, as far as I can tell, is not easily color coded like it was previously. I know once these things change they don't go back, but I can't imagine spending as much time as I did on here with so much new middleman navigation.

i really dont like it, especially  the hub thinng

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No more comments on game pages? I loved to read them.

im lost

nope. can't say i like it mutch.

I don't think much of the new site... it has a lot of display issues.  Very cumbersome as a user.  I give it a 3.2 out of 10, and that is for the obvious effort.

I like the way it looks now... but I'm kinda lost now xD

I don't know how to create a thread anymore xD I've just got Final Fantasy XIII and Nier and I want to create a thread about that before going to play the games, but I don't know how to xD

A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P