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Rainbird said:

There is no formatting on the summaries in the game databases, so the summary I submitted for Guild Wars 2 looks like crap. :/

Thank you for finally admitting this!

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Kantor said:
Rainbird said:

That's too much work.

Fine, be lazy. The easy way to fix it:


That's like saying I should drive around in a Ford instead of my Ferrari, because the aircondition in the Ferrari is slightly broken.

Also, more importantly, you need to get slapped hard for your continued ignorance about Guild Wars 2!

Alright its a complaint. I really miss the feature where the platforms you own are listed right below your name. The feature is what set VGChartz aside from the other forums. Using this feature you always knew who were the real posters and who were the frauds. You could tell if someone was a fanboy or a legit gamer who played on the platform your convo was about.

Example on the Sony boards someone posts a highly critical thread about Sony. You look below their name and notice they only own a DS and Wii. Your then able to take what they say with a grain of salt or reply in a dignified and proper manner pointing out they themselves don't even own a Sony product. Same could be said in the Nintendo board when a person only owning a PSP and PS3 would post. Or how about on the X-Box board when Sony and Nintendo fans come in and fire off anti-Microsoft threads/replies.

The feature allowed you to get to know your other posters better. Example someone says in the gaming forum that their aren't many FPS titles out right now. You notice he only owns a Wii so your then able to suggest FPS titles for the console he owns. Or if someone says doesn't understand how the games industry is going casual and they only own a PS3, you can then come to a conclusion that on their platform of choice there aren't that many casuals

In the end that feature played a large role in why I always post in VGChartz rather then other gaming forums. The feature really set the site apart from the competition and added a personal and helpful touch to the forum.


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does anyone else want the old forum post page back where it showed your own posts

you could easily see if people had posted in the threads and go straight to them

now if its not on your side bar it is a total pain to check and you don't know if anyone else has posted in them

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I still don't see any useful comparison charts in the VGchartz section...

I even visit this site way less, it stopped being about sales discussions and has become almost as horrible as any other gaming forum.

I'm seriously disappointed. This website had alot of potential.

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deathcape said:

I still don't see any useful comparison charts in the VGchartz section...

I even visit this site way less, it stopped being about sales discussions and has become almost as horrible as any other gaming forum.

I'm seriously disappointed. This website had alot of potential.

Forget potential. This website was fantastic a few months ago.

Then ioi decided we had to re-design, hired a bunch of coders, the coders quit, our beloved TalonMan semi-quit, and now we have nothing save the promise of ioi that a re-re-design is coming in...a few weeks, now.

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I just noticed ANOTHER thing to hate about the new PM layout.  I can't seem to delete PMs! 

If I am missing something, then it is very very non-obvious and ought to be made more clear. 

If I am not missing something, this is unacceptable.  We should have the [edit:  ability] to clean out our inboxes.  Someone accidentally sent me four copies of a PM and I hate looking at them! 

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Isn't it obvious by now that all of these re-designs and changes and new staff positions didn't do a single thing? The real reason Vgchartz is losing popularity is because people don't care as much about sales numbers as they did in 2007 or 2008. The site's biggest growth occurred when the PS3 started to sell well and PS3 fans flooded the forums, but with relatively predictable and boring sales 4-5 years into the generation, it's hard to gain new audiences (and old people leave for various reasons).

What the administrators should really be doing is focusing on how to make the site relevant regardless of what time it is. A site like Gamefaqs accomplishes this because people are always looking for guides for the newest games, and other sites (such as Gamespot and IGN) remain relevant because they're the premier sites for new information and reviews. Vgchartz should stop trying to be something it's not. Give less attention to the news section. Even if some articles are very popular and get a lot of hits, 90% of the articles are stuff that can be found anywhere else (and most people don't care about what's in them).

I'm not really sure how Vgchartz can remain relevant even with decreasing interest in sales numbers, but I bet it would take a lot less time to create a new angle for the site than a new re-design that won't do a thing. In the mean time, a good start would be to make the site more accessible. All the fancy graphics work and coding in the world is useless if the end result is a mess. Often times, less is more. Instead of trying to throw as much content as possible at people on one page, how about making the site load more quickly? Or just make it less cluttered? I've suggested a Gamefaqs-style layout before because it's simple and makes for quick loading times. There's a lot of content on that site (arguably a lot more than on Vgchartz), but nothing is hard to find. Seriously, try finding an old thread or even a damn game on this site. I'm looking at the top bar right now and I really have no clue how to do it. If people want to search for a game's sales, they should be able to do it almost instantly. Maybe that's a lot to ask.

The reason I quit this site was because I was sick of the decaying forums filled with trolls and bad posters (who the mods just let roam) and the attitudes of the administrators (who were pretty much stuck in a "we need a site reboot!!!" mindset and were so stubborn and closed to new ideas). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if an administrator looked at this and told me why I'm wrong and why Vgchartz is bigger than ever. I wouldn't be surprised if they said that I'm unpleasant and prickly and that is why my points are invalid. I wouldn't be surprised if they told me that the changes in VGC 4.0 will take this site to new heights.

Point is, this site needs to focus less on stuff that can be found everywhere else and more on stuff that can only be found on Vgchartz: Reliable-as-can-be weekly sales numbers. NPD's increasingly stupid attitude has opened up a huge opportunity for the site, and I'd hate to see it squandered. Because at one point, I really did love this site. I was a moderator for over a year because I wanted to help this site, and I'm posting this message in the small hope that it will make a huge difference. And I really do hope someone reads this.



I read it Montana and I agree with some things. I don't think the forums are that bad though although the amount of Spider-Man haters is sometimes overwhelming.

Separating VGC in 4 parts is propably the main problem. gamrReview became rather useless now that sales and game information are separated. Plus the fact that we can't comment on game pages is really sad.

ioi once said we will be able to see the Weekly Regional and Worldwide charts in a way so that ALL MULTIPLAT titles are combined

When will we get this feature?

Because for games liek Castlevania and enslaved it would be so much better to see how both do on PS360 combined.....right now people are just calling doom without proper research

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