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2 things I have noticed that are gone that I used a lot in the forums.

1. Comment box on the bottom of each topic.

2. The most recent posts on the left that I have posted in. It helped to tell me when someone has replied to a post of mine.

edit: 3. The way to navigate the pages in each topic is only at the top. It should also be at the bottom.

I hope these are fixes that aren't to hard to do since they were in the old site.

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I have nothing but hatred for the design. It is one of the very worst I have ever encounterd. I don't think I'll be bothering with VGChartz very much anymore.



double post



Its ok, little slow to get around and seems to be a little less crowded on certain pages (which is prob. a good thing) but over all decent.

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so confusing, hopefully i

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Man said:

I tried to post this in the VGChartz3.0 thread but i couldnt firgure out how. Has it been locked?

I really dont like the new design with everything seperated.

my last post is incomplete, and im pretty sure i wrote all the words i wanted before clicking "done"

wii fc : 7188 5379 1382 7074
smash fc :2234 6924 8637

gamertag : Dano2688