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I tried to post this in the VGChartz3.0 thread but i couldnt firgure out how. Has it been locked?

I really dont like the new design with everything seperated.  Its fine for the people that only use 1 section, but i look at review, news, the forums and the chartz and so i liked having it all on the one page where i could see everything together. 

With everything seperated its just too confusings and time consuming to go through each different page.  Im honestly thinking of leaving the site.  Ill stay for a little while in case i get used to it, but right now i honestly think its a terrible design.

Maybe it needs to include an option to use the old site design still if you want to?

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I like it a lot! Good job y'all!

I like it. Well, everything other than peoples walls, they just look silly.

I like the old site better too. Tho it looks like the guy who runs this site put a lot of effort, work, and blood in the change.

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This design is so much better than the last. Give it time if you don't like it. It'll grow on you.

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