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Interesting read. Most of the narrative beats, as with pretty much every vidoegame, are clearly lifted from other sources, but I felt that, similar to Red Dead Redemption, Remedy clearly put effort and care in to their own story.

The depth of effort certainly suggests they enjoyed reading/watching all their sources as much as Rockstar clearly love The Wild Bunch, Unforgiven, etc.

I do like things to end, though, so I hope they don't drag out the episodes beyond where they feel comfortable within the world they've created.

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Did anyone else notice something in the game.

At the beginning on the car ferry as you come into Bright Falls. There is a guy standing at the back of the ferry. He is the guy who claims to have kidnapped Alice and gets sucked into to the Darkness Tornado. :)

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I like the parts when gun goes BOOM! and things go slow mo...sigh!

You are missing out on an amazing piece of hsitorical game story and writing. :)

Nah I'm not... Any time a game gets this complex, it forgets what it actually is... a video game... Like I got the basics of the story and thats enough for me. :)

Luckily for Alan Wake, the gameplay is really good too (despite being a little repetitive), so that carries it and makes it a memorable experience for me.

But if this type of story had Heavy Rain like, point, click and mash buttons gameplay...It would be probably the worst game of the year for me.

I think this here is an example of why Alan Wake is split down the middle. To me I really dont see Alan Wake as a game as such. It's kinda like an experience, where the sole reason I even bother to contol the game is to see what happens next. But whereas you dont care for games to be this in depth. No bad thing, just I think it shows why some reviews or some people say it's boring or that it's got issues.

The issues never showed to me, because I was to engroced. LOL

Yeah, that make sense.

And the game is certanly not boring on any level. Its just...like...how many times am I going to have to kill the same axe guy? It just becomes very routine when its the same ambush over and over...

If this game had the gameplay variety that resident evil 4 had, or resident evil 4 had the controls and story that this game had...it would be the greatest game ever made.  :)

That was an interesting read

I took the ending to mean that
Alan by turning the lake into an ocean was able to dilute the power of the darkness (spreading it across an ocean as opposed to a small lake. With the darkness weakened Alan is now given time to try to write a way for it to be logically destroyed since he can't just destroy it

I loved the story, not quite Twin Peaks quality but I'd say if it was a tv series it'd still be well above average

Yeah the combat was way too repititive, yet I still had a great time playing the game as I wanted to see what would happen next.

Here's hoping there is a sequel!

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I still don't get the ending and if they release DLC explaining what happened to him instead of a full sequel then I'm gonna be pretty pissed.

Was the "It's not a lake, it's an ocean" line at the end referencing what Zane ( I think it was Zane) said to him in his first nightmare? I think it's meant to mean that the darkness his faced is only the beginning and in the sequel it's going to be more widespread and stronger.

@Sol: The game was pretty repititive sometimes and I hated having to walk at some point's in the game for like 5 minutes before encountering anything.

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I loved putting thought into games like Silent Hill and uncovering the truth, and the secret meanings behind everything. I can't say the same for Alan Wake. There isn't much thought to put into anything that has a major impact on how I see the story. The only things that are thought invoking are minor things that don't really impact the narrative but how you percieve smaller events in the narrative. So to me all this digging for answers is pretty useless. I still have the same opinion of the narrative as I had when I beaten the game.

The story felt lifted straight out of a few other sources. None of which I liked. It felt like any of the bad Stephen King novels, lost, and alone in the dark mixed together. The combat was also mediocre and beyond repetitive. Still, I walked away from the experiance pleased. It was nowhere near the best game of it's genre and despite the sea of problems I still left the experiance pleased somehow. That to me was the real mystery.

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Reply so I can return and give my impressions after I finish the game!

Yes, like you guys said: repetitive combat, indeed! Still... Got an amazing time playing the game!

And they quoted Lord of the Rings!!


we have only scratched the surface of this storyline....

i finished the game today and the ending leaves us wide open for more. I got the CE so I am reading the files now for more insight.... should be plenty as it is a 129 page hard back.

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