How do you feel about the way the oil spill is being handled?

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What really upsets me about BP is that they were trying make money off of this problem even while it threatened the entire Gulf Coast. The first 'attempts' BP made were to use a top hat to pump oil to a rig and then to insert a pipe that could still extract oil. After a few weeks, they finally gave up their money making scheme and decided to close the leak for good using mud and concrete.

Massey Energy, another heartless corporation, called the death of 30 miners in West Virginia as 'immaterial losses.' Ambrose Bierce was right when he said a corporation was an ingenious invention for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.

Well, looks like Top Kill has failed.

As someone who lives on the Gulf (Florida panhandle) this whole situation pisses me off.  I really doubt BP will be able to seal this thing anytime soon even with the help of our government.  The way things are going I'm wondering just how bad the oil spill is going to fuck up our waters.  There hasn't been any oil on our side yet but I have this very dreadful feeling that it's only a matter of time before we see oil on our beaches.  Hurricane season also seems to be looking darker with the way the marshlands are just been destroyed everyday that the oil isn't cleaned up.  Plus, I'm not sure what a hurricane covered in oil would look like or do but I for one really don't want to find out.

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makingmusic476 said:

Tens of thousands of barrels of oil

You're undertracking it.

is really bad how the ecosystem is dying in that area.