Why do i suddenly have allmost no interest in gaming like i used too?

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I can entirely relate. I basically stopped playing games when I went to Uni for about four years (I made an exception in the middle for Resident Evil 4, though - which was awesome). But after that time there were suddenly all these amazing games that I'd missed out on that I wanted to go back and play. A couple of years after uni I played through more games in a year than I did when I was a teenager!

Just take a break, the games aren't going anywhere

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If you got alot to do atm like exams then you're probably put off by them, I don't play games over exam time just cause I'm too tired by the end of the day.

Most people go through phases as to whether they feel like playing games or not too.

dunno001 said:
Well, it could be something that I went through a few years ago, a cross between burnout and a feeling of everything being more of the same. The best way to fix that is, as some people have said, step away from gaming for a bit. When you come back, find a different company that makes games in the genre that you like, since they may be fresh enough to respark your interest.

This is good advice, but another thing you can do when you come back is to take the opportunity to try a few new genres. I'm not talking about going back to genres you already know you don't enjoy; try something you haven't really done much with before.

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Combination of Burnout and getting older. I find as you get older It takes a lot more to "Wow!" you. (this applies to much more then gaming as well). It's the whole reason I'm trying to buy less games, though I'm still getting way too many a year (30+ on average.).

It's just that simple.

I feel the same, and it has nothing to do with getting older. I still play occasionally, but it's more of a social tool than anything else. Honestly, I don't think it is WE who are changing, but GAMES are changing. Games want to be movies so bad that they are willing to bypass everything that makes them games in the first place. This is why games like Mario Galaxy, Bit.trip Runner, and Smash Bros. Brawl are still appealing to me whereas Uncharted 2, GTA, and Metal Gear 4 are completely uninteresting.

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Great thread!
I have gone through similar 'phases' in the past and can agree with others that taking a break usually lets you come back later with some good games to try and get back into. However I also agree with others that many games are changing and trying to be more like movies as hYpnochronic mentioned. I do agree that this is changing what games mean to many and can be a turnoff. Luckily there are still some devs who focus on gameplay and make games that are fun to play even in short bursts. Seek these out and don't be afraid to try new things in gaming and life. Sometimes, your brain just needs new things to refresh itself and get motivated by old and new passions :)

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I find that whenever I suffer from burnout that the best remedy is to go back and play older, familiar and fun games. There have to be a few games you own which are like comfort food. For me burnout comes from playing too many new titles and skipping from title to title without completing them.


Peterisyum said:
well i am studying for exams atm and just a lot more social life and work this year. plus football and gym commitments i dont have time and just not interested anymore for some reason

what the fuck is football and gym?


EDIT: I realized I forgot to contribute something to the thread. Maybe you got bored with games like I did. Except I lost interest in portable gaming in 2007 and console gaming in 2008.

StarCraft II is the only thing I'm hyped for.

Man, I'm 23 and I can see what's happening to you... No really interesting games right now plus more social life.

Take it as something natural. Just don't force yourself and do what you please. If you don't feel any appeal for the games right now, let it be... =)

I'm in the same situation, but not because I don't want to play, just because there are no interesting games for me right now. I just play FIFA10 and Rock Band 2/Lego. Despite this feeling of no-gaming, I purchased GOW Trilogy and ModNation Racers this month (besides PJM Deluxe, Shadow of Destiny and MHU for PSP).

I know I will return someday. I don't know when, but I know myself. Games are part of my life... and I now I will come back, and hopefully you too ^^.

Peterisyum said:
well i am studying for exams atm and just a lot more social life and work this year. plus football and gym commitments i dont have time and just not interested anymore for some reason

Did you get a girlfriend?  That happened to me when i started dating my current girlfriend.  I still can't find myself to get back to playing video games.  I play Mw2 a little bit now and then but not like before for like 2-4 hours straight.

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