would you have bought Alan Wake if it was AAA??

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would you have bought Alan Wake if it was AAA??

Yes, I did not buy it because it was not AAA 31 10.65%
No the reviews would not affected my descion 79 27.15%
are you a sony fanboy?? 181 62.20%

Edit: i just played it i liked it, so yes in a sense i was wrong about it, but definately not up there with the big guns like uncharted, I may spread the love don't worry, to me a game does not have to be AAA status, and i feel ppl have grown too obsessed with scores hence the post...

I put the third option as a joke, knowing people would vote for it....:):)

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I don't care about AAA or any silly 'title' like that. My main reason for purchasing any game for any platform is usually replay value. If a game isn't going to offer me replay value than I will just rent it and beat it and forget about it. This game looks fantastic and I'm sure the story is great but I've heard its short and there isn't any replay value. So I'll be renting it and if I find that it isn't scripted and has replay value then maybe I'll buy it but it doesn't look that way :)


edit: now I see that by 'AAA' you meant the review scores and not the production value. I don't read any reviews for games since I like to experience them myself and make up my own mind. That's why I pay the rental fee for game fly  ;)  I agree that way too many casual gamers these days read reviews and base their opinion off of that and also won't touch games that don't have super shiny graphics and are generic franchises. There are so many hidden gems that go under rated and under appreciated that its quite sad. Its obvious this is why the industry is going down the road it is.

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Did buy it, absolutely loving it so far...

poor fate of being exclusive to 360..I would've bought if there was a PC version or perhaps PS3.

Regardless of its score I'm gonna get AW. AW has had my attention since I got my 360 and I'm just a little low on cash at the moment to pick it up.


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I'm most likely going to get it today. I don't understand why so many people have been bashing it based off of review scores. On top of that the review scores are good so I don't get it. People act as if it scored like Too Human.

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AAA or not... I want to buy it.

I went with Red Dead, couldn't get both unfortunately.

Maybe it was 30 dollars. On a tight budget.


I bought both Alan Wake and RDR, and I hate to say it because I had high hopes for Alan Wake, but the game sucks majorly. Its boaring, repedative, and just simply not a good game. I was really looking forward to Alan Wake and I am so Disappointed , I thought 6 years in development would make for a great game. Graphics are Average. On the other hand RDR is superb, one of the best games of the year, If you can only buy one game this month get RDR, its worth every penny.