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this is so exciting! 10/10? the first Galaxy deserved it too, nice to see they've come to their senses this time around :D

so good to see a great game getting the recognition it deserves. Nintendo has done it again folks!!

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Unexpectedly good score but still hate IGN like I have for 8 years...^_^

Former something....

Metallicube said:
Wow, this may be Ign's first 10 given to a Wii game..

I am pumped to play this! I'm gonna have a Mario marathon when this game comes out, between playing through this game into the wee hours of the night, plus I still need to finish off Galaxy 1 and get most of the secret stages in NSMB Wii.

IT IS first perfect score for wii game from IGN. and its only 2nd perfect score to a exclusive game this gen (1st was Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3)

If it got a 10 , i think it will be GOTY , cuz i cant see any other game getting a perfect score this year at least on IGN , i think this game will be in top teb of metacritics right on the side of Mario galaxy 1 , i may be getting the game tomorrow *-* ... cant wait ...

PS:the game who made the review may not read the IGN memo for Wii review "Never goes beyond 8.9" and thank god he did not ...ahhaha


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hsrob said:
Ari_Gold said:
another overrated game, it will be fun to see if wii owners complain now that IGN gave a nintendo game a perfect score.... cough cough "GTA IV"

Oh, so you've played the game?

no,but you cant spell ignorance without...

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no, but seriously SMG 1 is probably the best nintendo platformer ever. I would pick SMG2 day one, but i ordered RDR and MW2...

Khuutra said:
It's a well-written review, the content (not the score) of which actually gets me pumped for the game. That's more than I've come to expect out of IGN.

Actually, that doesn't surprise me. IGN nearly always does that part brilliantly; they make you want the game.

IGN isn't going to give you an objective view of the quality of the game, but they're going to make you pretty damn interest in buying that game. That's also one of the reasons they're hated.  They make so many games sound ever so brilliant, and that generally upsets people owning other consoles.

If you're not sure about wanting a game, and you read the IGN review, chances are you'll want it afterwards.

Well this is quite unexpected, and the review is a heck of a good read as well. Very neat. ^_^

The first Galaxy is my second favorite game of all time, so I'm glad to see the sequel not only follow in the previous' footsteps, but even continue to innovate in ways that put a smile on the player's face. That's what it's all about. ^_^

Two more days.

puffy said:
Holy Shit!! No doubt it deserves the score seeing as it has improved on everything the original did, is far more expansive in scope and the original got a 9.7.

I can't wait until July 1st.. This is bullshit..

Im not going to wait, im importing.

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That is awesome now I need to finish the first one