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I wonder who the artist would have chosen as a Black Lantern......

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If you want me to reply, quote me pls!

Vader, Superman, Gollum, Link, no idea about the rest and why they're dressed like that.






in honor of being a super nerd, i have changed my bropoke to green lanternpoke

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Easily level 5. I'm sorta sad about my life now :/

The people are Gollum, Darth Vader, Jessica Rabbit, Link, Guts , Kenshin, and Superman.

They are dressed as all seven versions of the green latern crew (each one being a different color of the rainbow and each one representing a different emotion.)

orange- unyielding desperation to get what he wants- gollum

yellow-terror-darth vader

violet- love- jessica rabbit

green- courage or determination- link

red-guts- hatred

indigo- compassion- kenshin

blue - hope - superman

Combined with the fact that you, like myself, own all platforms and have that signature, you may as well become a hikkikomori and live out the rest of your life as the greatest nerd on earth.

(double points if you got the Japanese word)

How do I prove I know what a Hikkikomori is? I know what it means and I can say this:

A synonym for it is "neet"
Anyone that's watched "Welcome to NHK" would know what it means.

there is hope! i have no idea what a hikkikomori is. i'm not as big of a nerd as i thought :0

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i cant name the guy behind superman and the red guy, for the colors i have no idea what they mean

Level 3 but I don't know exactly why they're dressed like that.

Pixel Art can be fun.


I got level 5 at first the colors gave me Katekyo Hitman Reborn at first but after looking at it I got it thanks to link..

Former something....

I got Gollum, Jessica Rabbit, Darth Vader, Link and Superman, no idea who the other 2 are, nor the costumes/colors.

Level 1 for me

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