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Hey guys,

I did not find a thread for this but I think this is very interesting. The modnation Racers game on the PSP will be the first game that will be limited when you buy it used.

You have to register your game online and use a certain code to unlock the multiplayer, which is probably the best mode for this game. This code can only be used ONCE. So you played your game for two weeks, tried the multiplayer (PSN stuff) and used the code for it, but did not get into the game and you decide to sell it. The guy buying the game has to go to the PSN store and BUY a new code to unlock the multiplayer for $10.

This will be the frst Sony game to have this feature. It is VERY likely that future games will have a similar feature. So watch out when you buy a Sony game used.


The idea come from EA originally but I don't know which games use this stuff already. THQ decided to do the same, but their multiplayer code is "just" $5.


What do you think about this development?

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I think Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 had something similar when it released.


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I like it.

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I wonder how long until they try blocking single player. This is getting ridiculous.

im pretty sure socom 3 did this first

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Solid-Stark said:
I think Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 had something similar when it released.

It did, this isn't the first time Sony are trying this out.

I still think it's fine though.

A dangerous thing to do for a console maker.


Socom did it first.

Hopefully this new restriction is on the box and/or info pages about the game. It would be annoying when I eventually buy other used games to find out it has this block and in the end have saved no money for used vs new.

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