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I personally haven't seen any ads for the game here in the UK except the ole' internet hype. Could be MS haven't bothered to advertise it as much as they could; maybe they've shifted focus onto Natal. Shame really, I honestly didn't even know it'd been released in Europe. Wish I had more money as I'd get this in a heartbeat.

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To be fair, it was was what only two days of sales? Hopefully the US chart will be more promising, though it just came out on Tuesday so we won't know right away.


To answer the OP: I have no idea how much Alan Wake costs, but it looks like they saved quite a bit on advertisting. So I guess that depends on how much MS and Remedy are getting out of this and how much they spent on the game. 5+ years of development and no PC version means it was probably pretty expensive to make and I'm gonna *assume* 2+ million copies to make a decent profit. MS probably pulled for it to be a system seller in the long run.

It's just that simple.

Well I hope AW does sell well.... or at least as well as Heavy Rain did. Otherwise, PS3 fanboys are going to have a field day exclaiming how exclusives don't sell on the 360.


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That's not terrible, but with the kind of reviews it has been receiving, I sure wish it had sold more.

The game is likely to get the the bundle treatment. Microsoft has been very heads up about inflating console exclusives by putting them in the double bundle. Just look at Forza 3 and ODST both of those games sales figures were no where near the top 50 on any weekly list until they got the dual bundle. It is likely to happen for Alan Wake as well provided remedy is willing to make their next game exclusive.

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I was shocked by the low sales but it may be that heavy rain stole the spotlight for games which are movie like hence the huge sales for heavy rain.

Remedy need the game to make a profit, their studio's future is resting on it.

I'm surprised by it's low debut, I thought it would at least sell 150k+ in others first week. Both SC and AW have been commercially and critically a bit of a letdown in my mind, and I think Mod Nation Racers may be next.

Not that every game needs to get perfect scores, or that metacritic is the ultimate yardstick of quality, but scores in the low 80's for exclusives a long time in the works from studios with a strong pedigree is dissapointing.

It would be an awful shame for Remedy to get into financial problems, so hopefully the game will have legs.

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libellule said:
Who is surprised here ?

This game was overhyped on the whole internet because it was supposed to be the "BEST GAME EVA", the BEST GFX EVA, the best survival horror game that is so good that you DO NOT HAVE the right to call it a survival horror game (thx you Remedy for this last point)

also, the game has no online multiplayer which seems to be more and more important for gamers today ...

It is released close to RDR which is getting high praising

AND the pre-orders where showing us since numerous weeks that game will not have amazing sales.

Conclusion : plz port the game to PC and I will buy it. Thx you Remedy.

Were not talking about the following gamese

  • Uncharted 1/2
  • LBP
  • R2 (Remember that guy who said Its the best looking game of 2008? LOL!)
  • MGS4
  • Selnor
  • Westley Yin-Poole (He said Crysis 2 on 360 was better than PC crysis LOL!!!)
  • GT5
  • GoW3
  • Gears 3



But this game is incredible, The graphics are mind blowing.

EU sales + US sales + others= 250k first week wouldn't be bad. Hopefully it would hit 2 millions.

This is actually a good question, this game is bound to have had a huge budget with its engine being built from scratch, it was among the pioneer engines for multicore processors in its day and the development cycle itself has lasted many, many years.
Let's hope they make a profit, Remedy are very good developers.

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