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Hey everybody, I thought I'd share with you guys an Austin band that my friend is in. They're called Descendants of Erdrick and they perform classic video game music with a rock/progressive-style. (By the way, the name is a reference to Dragon Warrior, so you know they're true gamers ;)

Here's a few tracks you can stream. (For the Zelda fans, I recommend, "It's Dangerous to Go Alone")

And a couple concert clips
Legend of Zelda (medley)
Metroid (medley)

Here's an interview with the two founding bandmembers.

If you like their music and you want to support some gamer musicians, you can buy their debut album at their website (or see them live in Austin). They'll be playing at the Classic Gaming Expo (Vegas) in July and Anime Overload Conference (Austin) in August.

Here's their official website and Facebook page.
Facebook page

A short review of the album

Descendants of Erdrick are a video game-music band spearheaded by talented guitarist and arranger Amanda Lepre. The classic game soundtracks of the 80's are a huge, underreported influence on practically every musician who ever plugged in a NES (not least those guys in Zorch), and bands who pay tribute to the style proliferate on the West Coast, so much so that there can even be said to be competing styles, revisionist vs. purist. The Descendants edge towards the latter category, transposing instantly recognizable themes from The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Warrior into impressively interwoven, nimble lines on flute and guitar. Only for a few choice moments on their CD do the drums really rock out and the guitars crunch. More clever is the way they form suites out of different pieces from the same games, and perform some abrupt stylistic shifts in real time to bridge them together. The avant-garde intro to their Metroid number, "Secret of Planet Zebes," is a very creative interpretation of a scrap of game soundtrack that's more sound effect than music. I hope to hear more of that kind of weirdness from them in the future. Bottom line -- if you're already singing the overworld music from Zelda in your head as you read this, you will enjoy this band.

Hope you guys like them.

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