Crysis 2 on X360 looks better than the original Crysis!

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ameratsu said:
Silver-Tiger said:
What a load of nonsense. 



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It might appear better to the eye - but I assure you that it's not exceeding how Crysis looked on a proper PC rig, not technically in terms of resolution, AA, etc.

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disolitude said:
All the joking aside, I think his point is clear. Crysis 1 was an unoptimized mess of a game which looked great but required skynet to run at max. With Crysis 2 they finally learned how to code an an optimized engine...

I don't think this is entirely fair. If it were true shouldn't we have seen many better-looking games by now given that PC graphics hardware is so much more powerful now than in 2007? All it would take is an engine decently optimised to take advantage of current hardware.

Not sure about you but I have seen no such game.

Crysis 2's urban setting clearly has a lot less to render than the dense jungle of Crysis 1.

Even considering that though, this is PR-BS.

It's impossible for current generation consoles to run Crysis 1 maxed out at a playable framerate, that's like expecting the Wii to run Killzone 2 at 30fps without downgrades.


now leTs see what PS3 and PC version look like

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d21lewis said:
This game uses the Super FX chip. That's why.

Crisis in space with Airwings confirmed!!!



(chip on a CD? your joke has 2 layers!!)


ROFL!!! brain damage.

You guys should really read first. It's not Crytek that said that. It's the genius "journalist".


Yeah. Right. Just show me some PC footage from Crysis 2 already.... I want to know what modern PC hardware can do. Not what 5v years old PC hardware can do...

So, is the writer of this article partially sighted or something? Because what he says makes no sense unless he was playing Crysis on a PC with the bare minimum spec. Not only has nothing come close to what Crysis acheived on high to max settings, but it also had a lot more to render than the urban environment of Crysis 2. I wouldn't be suprised if part of the reason Crytek chose New York is actually because it's easier on the hardware.

Off topic: If Crysis 2 is set 3 yrs after Crysis 1, what happened to Nomad and Psycho?