Crysis 2 on X360 looks better than the original Crysis!

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Yeah......I don't think so. Unless....Crytek has found an extra GPU in the 360 that no one else knows about.

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This game uses the Super FX chip. That's why.

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If it does, it probably runs at half a frame a second.

CGI-Quality said:

I guess if they played it on low settings, this would make sense. Other than that, nothing I've seen of Crysis 2, on either console, looks anywhere near as good as Crysis 1 on high settings looks on my PC.

Not to sound elitist, but it is what it is.

That would make sense since honestly it wouldn't be technically possible for the console games to look as good as the PC does on max settings. Except seeing as the guy previewing the console version of Crysis 2 could even compare it to the PC original is still mighty impressive if you ask me.       


Well although it was on the 360 page if you noticed the pictures say "PS3 screen shots"...lol

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Well, there's probably a lot more going on with the first Crysis than the second. What, with the jungle and all of the trees alone, I'd wager the first would easily not be possible on current gen consoles [in its current form].

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badgenome said:

The first paragraph says it all:

Last month, I described id's Mad Max-style shooter RAGE as "perhaps the best-looking video game of all time". I take it back.

Basically, every time this dude sees a game, he goes, "omg best grafx evar!"

Sounds like a certain someone we all know here.....

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All the joking aside, I think his point is clear. Crysis 1 was an unoptimized mess of a game which looked great but required skynet to run at max. With Crysis 2 they finally learned how to code an an optimized engine...

good PR regardless.