Alan Wake vs Heavy rain. Which will sell more?

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Remember, tis is just a topic. No place for you guys to bash game A or B.


Heavy rain selling 1.22 million thus far. Alan wake preordering  5,690 / 77,635 in America alone so far. I can't remeber what preorders for Heavy rain did back in it's day...

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"back in its day"

Your talking like Heavy Rain was released on the SNES LOL!

Anyway Heavy Rain will.

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It surprises me that this is even a question. When they were both waiting to release I always assumed Alan Wake would sell far more than Heavy Rain. But then I always assumed it was going to get a massive marketing push which I really haven't seen anything of yet.

At the moment I guess I'll have to assume that Heavy Rain is going to win out in the end. Which means I'm really going to win my bet against Slimebeast.


Heavy Rain.

And I'm quite surprise it is like that, because I was hopping a somewhat bigger marketing campaign for Alan Wake, it deserves.

I don't know why Microsoft doesn't hype this to death as an AAA big title...

It shall do good my word of mouth though.

I think Heavy Rain will end up selling more.

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Heavy Rain!

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Heavy Rain easily.

Heavy Rain had 100k Pre-orders in America....and it was bigger in Europe.
i think that HR will sell more than Alan Wake, and like some of you said, it's quite a surprise, we never expect AW to be a mid-success critically and we didn't expect it to NOT have a big campaign, didn't microsoft said that AW was going to have one of the biggest campaigns ever?

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As a lot of people have already said, I think Heavy Rain will sell more, though I didn't think that before Heavy Rain released. I didn't expect Heavy Rain to sell 1.2 million units so quickly (I thought it would end up around there lifetime if lucky), and I also expected a bigger advertising campaign for Alan Wake. I think Heavy Rain will end up selling more, but Alan Wake should still do fine.

I am very surprised how getting 8's just about killed all the hype for Alan Wake, it's getting crazy how we over-hype games and decide not to get it because it did not live up to our made up expectations.
I was really thinking the game would sell pretty well.

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