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do you think the ps3 has no games

absolutely not!! 102 67.55%
ehhh.... not really 11 7.28%
not really sure 0 0.00%
sort of 9 5.96%
let me think about that........DUH 21 13.91%
Wii forever, who cares about ps3/360 games 8 5.30%

Let me just point out the fact that PS3 has the most variety and quality of games in my opion.

Games by genre:

FPS: Resistance, Killzone, MAG, SOCOM

Platformer: Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet

Racing: GT5, MotorStorm, ModNation Racers

Story: Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian

Adventure: Uncharted, MGS 4.

So your telling me that PS3 has no games? Really? Looking at this it has variety across all genres and a good quality of games.

(These games are ones I could think of off the top of my head, there may be more.)

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I think he means good traditional RTSs like starcraft or somthing and the answer is no...

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oh my god another thread like this? Honeslty twesterm


leo-j said:
oh my god another thread like this? Honeslty twesterm

Wasn't me this time, I think this thread is just as stupid as I assume you do.  :-p

*checks watch*

well blow me down, I've somehow traveled back in time to 2007!


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The PS3 is worth it just because of its exclusives.
I personally think the best two console combination out there is Wii-PS3, but I can clearly see why someone would combine his/her Xbox 360 with a PS3.

well sony has put out alot of 1st party games on it
not all of them are good but at least they give us some
unlike microsoft where half of the exclusives come from third party like ubi,valve or bioware

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I personally dont believe PS3 has any games that really interest me.

Sure i like Heavy Rain and R2 but neither are L4D2.

What the heck am I playing then? Interactive movies? Wait...

Ummm maybe back in Early-Mid 2007.

"PS3 has no games" died around the same time as "Wii is a fad"