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ssj12 said:
lol nice... lol ban him... he doesnt realize he is the ___tard. I wonder if you realizes that none of us consider it even a realible source..

Might even be the guy who made the site!

Clearly has nothing better to do than spam. 

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Quartz said:
ssj12 said:
lol nice... lol ban him... he doesnt realize he is the ___tard. I wonder if you realizes that none of us consider it even a realible source..

Might even be the guy who made the site!

Clearly has nothing better to do than spam.

 yea he is what.. an 18 year old who think's he is the god of sale numbers? lol

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ioi said:

Neither VGChartz nor Nexgenwars quotes it's sources or releases it's algorithms on their pages. Both sites could be pulling their data out of thin air, whereas both sites could be using a different calculation to estimate sales figures until the official ones are released. One displays static figures (which have a high accuracy level, but become redundant quickly), whereas the other displays dynamic figures (which are more relevant, but due to the unpredictability of the industry, may be inaccurate). Attacking him over the increasing number script is purile, and you don't have any evidence to support the idea that his numbers are wildly inaccurate past the 'it's not the same as this site' argument.

I think it's pretty well understood and accepted that our numbers are far more reliable. We have data going back over 20 years - right here on the site. We have more videogame sales data here in one place (and much much more data that is not yet available on the site but that we have and use) than most professional industry analysts. VGChartz shows sell-through not shipped figures. We collect most of the data ourselves as well as using the same tracking data that you can get publically (Media Create, NPD etc).

To compare Nexgenwars (which is frankly a cheap shot at trying to get hits, is very misleading, and has been accused by many as being a Microsoft-backed site for PR purposes) to VGChartz (a professional data tracking and analysis website with many industry links and more data than anyone could ever need) is frankly an insult to the work and effort that goes into what we do here.


Edit - apologies for the rant but it does bug me that we get compared and mentioned in the same breath by many sites. They have no real data, no charts, no sources and no credibility and in many ways their existance harms us as people brush of VGChartz in the same way.

 No, you're right I really shouldn't be arguing this; looking further into the site yours looks infinitely more professional and competent, whilst nexgenwars looks to be a student project of some sort. I still feel that attacking him for having a continuous update script and for being 18 is an unjustified attack and doesn't 'debunk' his figures in the slightest though. I'm sorry for doubting you, but I have a tendency to get angry, pick a side, and rant for a few hours. 

The continuous update script I have no problem with, just his source numbers.  The fact that he's 18 is just pretty much just indicative that he has no sources/contacts and should focus more on school and less on trying to convince people 360's have sold more than they have. ;)

blehFucktards said:

Yes I agree again. This site rocks guys and NextGenWars got umphed!


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Lol, it says that xbox sold 31 mil.... its now 64mil...


Hyper Necrothread.


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According to one of their latest news articles - the 360 had a great Black Friday, and sold 310 000 units. In 2007.

I sincerely hope those guys are OK, as in healthy and happy. The guy is probably a millionaire doing something else now. Where did Zynga come from? Maybe he invented the Slanket.

So what happened to nexgenwars.com? How come its so innacurate?


Mmmmm... thread necromancy... the closest anyone will get to having a necromancer in D3.

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