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Capcom MH3 online setup pretty good , more wii games need something like that. The ability to warp to your friend. Add friends . Search for. Send Messages.

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And finally the last of the consoles is starting to realize how much money they can rape from their customers for services that can and should be free. Sounds like monthly fees and paid DLC are being thought of at N which stinks since I've always enjoyed how they make full complete games and don't strip out features to sell back to their customers a day, week or month later as an 'update'. Love watching the gaming industry drown in mediocrity and greed.... At least I have the modding and indie scene to comfort me, the last bastion of innovative and free/cheap games made for fun and not profits :)

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andremop said:

Nothing beats 4 players (and friend players) laughing in the same room while playing NSMBWii, imo.

I really don't care much for online play... but yeah, lots of people do. So go for it, Nintendo!

Halo 3?

You know htat the wii is NOT the only console with that option, right?

First thing they need to do is implement a system that weeds out assholes like this:

I ran across that dick once. Guess who was the center of his attention during that encounter...  

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I neither need nor want XBL. Give me a unified ID and friends list structure such that i can see what my friends are playing. I don't care about voice chat or any of that other junk, i just want it functional.

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