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Next Final Fantasy on a Nintnedo platform.

Zedla Wii. (I know it's happening, but it's still a dream game)

Warcraft 4

Starcraft: Ghost reborn

Fable 3 being groundbreaking and not just gimmicky.

Awesome game from Rare (Preferably platformer)

Little Big Planet 3D (Same level creator, but this time you create 3D levels and it plays like a 3D platformer)


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Oh, and Lucasarts FINALLY making my damn 1:1 lightsaber game!


My dream E3 announcement is always that SEGA will put out another system with Shenmue, Panzer Dragoon, NiGHTS, Shining Force, Houseof the Dead,  Sonic, Virtua Fighter, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, SEGA Rally, and Daytona sequels as launch games. Far fetched I know but thats my dream announcement.


A resident evil 4 style remake of the main games until number 4 and a true sequel to donkey kong 64. it been over ten years now since that game. pokemon stadium 3 would be really nice also.

Half-Life 3 exclusive to the PC since that means it won't be gimped by the limitations on consoles.

Deus Ex 4 exclusive to the PC.

Thief 4 exculsive to the PC.

Star Fox for the Wii.

Crash or Spyro that don't blow for the PS3.

New Legacy of Kain game that doesn't suck, for the 360 or PS3.

Unreal Tournament 4 that is exclusive for the PC.


I already have Starcraft 2, Civilizatoin 5, and Diablo 3 announced so they can't count, but if they weren't I'd be shitting my pants if they were announced in E.

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Max Payne 3 being twice as awesome as the first two combined AND releasing with HD remakes of Max Payne 1 & 2!

Thats all I ask.

You aint found shit!

Opa-Opa said:
Icestyng said:
italo244 said:
Lets see...
Well, Shenmue 3. But it will not happen.

I pray every E3 for this =/


My second choice would be: Skies of Arcadia 2!

Yes, yes, and yes!


A Sega console revival would be a dream come true.
As well Microsoft pulling-out of the console market --


Oh my God, Skies of Arcadia 2! *-*

I'm still waiting for a new Phantasy Star Online series game on home consoles. Please Sega, a new Phantasy Star Online crossplataform would be amazing!

A dream announcement huh...

OK, some stuff that "might" happen (unlikely though but that's a dream, right)
- Beyond good and evil 2
- Deus Ex 3 is actually really on par with the original
- Planescape Torment 2 or Baldur's gate 3 (maybe based on a boosted dragon age engine)
- Half Life 3
- something huge from Matsuno
- something new, unexpected and completely gorgeous

- Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive for PS3
- Persona 5 exclusive for PS3
- Next Tekken game returns to PS exclusivity
- Twisted Metal announced for PS3

That would make my gen.

syphon filter, jak and daxter, time splitters sequels on ps3

A MMO star wars game using two move remotes
Naughty Dog making an awesome ps3 crash bandicoot game!!