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Uncharted 3 since Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 is a given for E3. I would scream like a girl who just seen Justin Bieber >_> if they showed a teaser trailer.

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Persona 5 for PS3, don't care about exclusive or not.

Mother 4 for Wii

Both of these would be announced in TGS if anywhere but we're talking about dream stuff and if these would be at E3 instead of TGS I'd get to be there personally which would be extra awesome.


I wish Kojima revealed his "taboo breaking game".
He even said he will retire if it fails (he keeps saying this after every game though, but I think he is serious this time. :P)

What the OP said would also be awesome.

Basically a shitload of Star Wars sequels would be cool. Numero Uno would be KOTOR 3 of course. Whether it'd be PS3-exclusive, 360-exclusive, 360/PC, PS3/PC, or 360/PS3/PC just have it made and put a seal on the KOTOR storyline.

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Just about anything on Zelda Wii.

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1. Beyond Good and Evil 2

2. Suikoden 6

3. The Legend of Dragoon 2

4. Persona 5

5. SMT: Nocturne 2

6. Suikoden 3 Anime.  (yes it is not a game, but damn I want it.  The Intro to the damn game + Manga release + Manga doing well in Japan = IT SHOULD HAPPEN!)

All on a console (dont care which but would prefer HD) but not on a handheld.

FF6 remake in HD with absolutely NO tetsuya nomura designs.

Chrono Trigger remake for the will.

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tales of graces localization
xenosaga 4 announcement
star Fox wii

Player's Choice coming to wii.

Star Fox Wii

Golden Sun 3 and Dragon Quest IX release dates

Player's Choice Wii

Tales of Abyss & Tales of Innocence localizations

A new console Fire Emblem

A console Advance Wars because I didn't like Battalion Wars Wii

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