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Mother: Galaxies

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It's Kirby Wii, the game is at nintendo release schedule and the image has a pink cloud and stars.
I would like a new Mother or StarFox game.
But I'm sure it's Kirby Wii.

I think people may just be reading too much into the background they put on that page. But if people must look into things so deep, the image could represent any number of upcoming games. from Mario Galaxy 2 (stars as a theme) to Metroid Other M (space background) to a new Kirby or Star Fox game (various star based references) to Dragon Quest IX:Sentinels of the Starry Skies (stars are even in its subtitle).

For the most part, we'll just have to wait. But my money is on it just being a cover issue on Mario Galaxy 2 with some info on other known games.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



Constellation = Great Fox.

Space cover = Game takes place space.

Clouds = Game takes place in skies.


My guess anyway.


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I refuse to care about this or look into it at all because this happened to me twice when People were saying it was Pikmin 3 which is the game I am waiting for the most.

1st it was that dumb Red Moon who everybody said was the next Pikmin when it was Nights. 2nd was that stupid picture of grass when people said that a purple blob was a Pikmin and that turned out to be Fifa so... I will just wait until E.3 instead of getting addicted to this picture with guesses that won't come true.

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Zelda is space

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Futurama the Game!

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it better be starfox wii made by nintendo

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Starcraft 2 Wii confirmed?

hmmm, my guesses are:

Star Fox Wii (made by retro i bet)
Kirby Wii
or this "Mega Man Universe"