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De Blob! Can`t wait to see how the sequel is shaping up! :)

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So... the 'big secret', the giant m3ga4t0n announcement, was... a Sonic game? And one we already knew about at that? One that apparently tries to emulate Mario Galaxy's success...?


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The fact that a new (and exclusive) Sonic game makes people go "Nooooo!!!" makes sad. It really shows how much Sonic has fallen...

But sometime they have to struck rich! They have to!

It still feels weird, Sonic on a Nintendo mag cover.

lmao shoulda known it'd somin like this

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Two color based games in one issue... huzzah!

Bah, hopefully Sonic Colors will try to copy Super Mario Galaxy as much as it can, because if you're gonna take inspiration from someone, it oughta be from the best.

And I'd be shocked if Nintendo Power didn't give Galaxy 2 a 10. They actually gave the first one a 9.5 and the rest of the editiors have been making fun of the reviewer ever since. Peer pressure ftw.

Now that I've seen the magazine cover, all I can say is:

I want to raise those guys like chaos...!

Hephaestos said:
sonic in the stars will really look like it's following mario galaxy...

That is nothing new