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"I am open to the potential of the year's games, but I still can't imagine that Alan Wake will be topped in 2010. It tells a story that is engaging, and yes, emotional. It makes you care, it delivers scares. But most importantly it redefines interactive storytelling. More aptly put, Alan Wake finally delivers on a phrase so overused that it has become a joke."

Sounds really good. I would buy a 360 for this game, but seeing as how I'm currently living ten thousand kilometers from home, it would be a bitch to transport when I left.


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The game got mixed reviews. A lot of people from Russian forums (they are pirating it) have already finished it, and they are posting mixed feedback as well.

Looks like it is a good game, but it has a lot of major flaws.

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There's a review thread, we don't need another thread for a single review