Why is my PS3 so loud?

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Give the elevating solution a shot... There's no risk there.

2,5 inch should be enough, unless the entertainment center produces extraordinary temperatures...?

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Mines pretty weird also, when playing ordinary DvD the fan goes crazy but when I play a ordinary Blu-Ray( movie or game) then fan barely making a sound.

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that was the noise of my ps3 3 months before DEATH Yellow Light of Death incoming clean it right away before is too late

If putting it vertical involves reducing the distance between the fan outlet and the closest surface, then that is a terrible idea. I suggest taking it out of the entertainment centre - those things are console deathtraps. But it vertically on a nice wooden floor if possible

It's time for a nice blow job. Strip that big black monster down and give it a nice blow job. Excessive heat can cause very loud noise in the bedroom or whatever room you play around in. Don't be too rough with it, some parts are sensative, be gentle. Take your time and give it a proper blow job. Before you know it, you'll be done and you'll both be happy. Your efforts will strengthen your relationship and will help you both last longer together in the thick of things when its time to get down and dirty on those late nights.


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open it up and give it a hoover.  It'll be quiet as a mouse after that, and it will prolong the life of yer PS3.

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Mine started to get really loud a few times. Once it was in a not so well ventilated area and the fan went into overdrive. Another time it was getting really dusty and clogged up.

I just stuck a hoover over the vents to suck out loads of dust, put it up vertically and made sure it had room to breathe. Now the only way to ever know it's on is looking to see the if the lights are on.

I'm gonna give the dusting solution a shot...do you propose I use one of those CO2 air spray cans or a small vacuum?

just VACCUME your PS3, Sucks its Dust out

i've had this for a while before but its is now a thing of the past, What i did is used 4 Cans of drinks or anything else and placed them out on the floor and put the PS3 on them

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Could be the bearings on the fan motor going out. Is there more volume of air coming out or the same?