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ok, so after i bought my new pc i started buying games i passed up some years ago. Taking metacritic as reference i got fallout 3, and after a couple of hours in it i just cant play it anymore. The gameplay bores me to hell, i dont seem to understand why it got such high reviews.

does anyone bothers to explain why this games is so "venerated"?

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OMG >_<....your going down!!!!

But seriously Fallout 3 is my favorite RPG this gen, and played it on PS3. It is so much better on PC, so if you do not like it, then you definitely do not like it. To me, blowing off heads in V.A.T.S never got old.

I love Fallout 3, but I could see why it's not everybody's thing. It's not the game for you if you like your games to dictate their own pace and keep you strung along the entire time. It just kinda of gives you the world and the features and lets you take it from there, which is exactly the kind of game I like. To me, the more freedom, the better. I just love the vastness and variety that you can experience in games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

You can just do the main story if you want, that would only take you like 10 hours

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I'll never understand why only me and my friends, and everyone I know IRL believe this is the greatest game ever made. Maybe it's just my influence, or maybe people on the interwebz is just weird.

For me, greatest game ever made. Better than Zelda, better than Mario, better than Fire Emblem, better than VIII. Best game ever, don't now why. Why is sex good? Sky blue? Laughing enjoyable?

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Oh well that's just to bad.




Because the game is meant to be played however you want to play it. Although you can and should do side missions and will do main missions, there's not really anything to follow. You can do it however you want, whenever you want to. Hell, you don't have to do any missions to level up (although....that's not really recommended). You can become level 20 and still be at the very beginning of the game. Like I said before, there's really nothing to follow. Also, you're gonna encounter more enemies as you explore the wasteland than you will in sewers, buildings etc. Maybe you were expecting a lot of action I guess and enemies cluttered in small environments (although there is some of that in the game). I hated this game too when I played it for the 1st time but I was expecting much more action and I wasn't use to the engine and gameplay

If you don't like Fallout 3, stay away from Oblivion. Speaking of Oblivion, I still don't understand how it got positive feedback. IMO, the game was dull and BORING


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I felt the same way at first.. but you get into it



i initially hated both fallout 3 and oblivion because i was playing them wrong. Don't focus on the main quest. Focus on side quests, exploring, and doing your own thing, while slowly doing the main quest. Once i started doing that the games were a blast.